Sometimes Boys Don’t Know, Nightmare Magazine, 2021

Echidna, Fantasy Magazine, 2021

Witch Is Another Word For Wild, Anathema Magazine, 2021

Close Enough To Divine, Fantasy Magazine, 2021

Lights, Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional, 2021

If It Bit You, Pseudopod, 2021

Best House, Campfire Macabre, 2021

Sunless Halls, The Root, 2020

The Lighthouse, Tales to Terrify, episode 460, 2020

Seance, Pseudopod, 2020

Breaking The WatersPseudopod, 2019 and Nightlight, 2019

Dawn Colored NightSpeculative City, 2019

What Found NevaehVastarien, Vol 2 Issue 2, 2019

When Dessa DancedThe Future Fire, 2018

All Orphans in the EndEnter the Rebirth, 2018

A BlessingBlack Girl Magic Mag, October 2016

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